Jake Clark


My paintings depict suburban European seaside architecture: its houses, people and details. I sometimes choose viewpoints with objects in the foreground, for example posts; an effect seen in photographs taken from a moving car. The scale is often confusing, like you are looking at a model village. The palette is very important in trying to capture faded and sun bleached colours. Recently I have been exploring a cinematic eeriness in the lighting.

I mix styles of painting together to create different textures and speeds of painting. The collaged linoleum is a pattern, as well as a reference to the period when the houses were built. The scale of the linoleum pattern is often at loggerheads with the painted image on top.

I am particularly interested in seaside towns in the UK, but also the built up resorts found in places like Mallorca. This fascination comes from being brought up in these sorts of environments.

All Works © copyright Jake Clark 2019

Email: jakelclark5@gmail.com.